Thursday, February 23, 2012


As I write this I'm kinda freaking out! Is this really happening? I get that everyone has dreams, but how many big dreams actually come true?

Well here is our BIG dream that is actually happening........

We are designing and producing our own clothing line! INTRODUCING.... JUNIEblake

JUNIEblake will be a modest clothing line. We want to fill that void of not having enough choices of clothing that's modest. We want to bring you clothes that you feel comfortable in without sacrificing the latest trends. There is no reason why we can't be modest AND have amazing style too!

JUNIEblake will be sold at Sorellas, but not only Sorellas. JunieBlake will be sold online for anyone in the U.S to order and in the near future, JUNIEblake will also be sold in other boutiques all across the U.S. I still can't get over that our dream is going National. Crazy right?

The JUNIEblake clothing line will mainly consist of modest dresses. We were frustrated with having to wear so many layers in order to make a dress "work". So we decided to design dresses that don't need a tank or cap sleeve to go underneath for a more modest feel. Dresses that won't need a coverup or cardigan to cover the arms. Dresses that give you the length that you want. All of this, without having to sacrifice being trendy and stylish. In addition to the line we will also provide modest skirts and blouses that coincide within these guidelines.

Why the name JUNIEblake? We wanted it to have meaning to us. What could be more meaningful than naming it after our children?! Junie is after my little girl and Blake is the middle name of Emma's little boy. Together it makes our dream come true! Emma says she feels like one of the Ruffians off of Tangled!

I'm sure some of you are wondering what brought us to this point. Well, here it is:

I think for both my sister and I, it started with our wedding dresses. We both had similar experiences. I really wanted to create the perfect dress for me. Trendy and modest. Trendy I could find, but trendy and modest... not so much. At least not something I could even afford. I would have loved to design it and have someone make it, but the budget wasn't there. Then with my pregnancies it was the same thing. Did I really have to wear a big tent just because I was pregnant? I've always wanted to create clothing, but seriously.....who dreams that big?

Then came Sorellas. Sorellas opened the doors in so many ways for us, but we didn't know it at the time. There is a need for modest clothes and we struggled to get them for our store. We tried every available modest line out there and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't succeed in getting them for our store. We would feel so defeated and frustrated when things didn't work out. What we thought were doors closing was really just a way to help us change our minds to think bigger. After a couple times of not getting the lines we needed, my sister Emma would jokingly say "we need to just do our own modest line". We would laugh it off and try again. After a few times of things not working out for us we started thinking..... "why are things happening this way!" Not realizing that very soon our eyes would be opened to a much bigger picture.

Back in May of 2011 is when the last door closed on us. Emma was serious now. She came to Me and my Mom and showed us her research that she had been doing. She started talking and convincing us that we could do it. So finally we listened.

It's been so much hard work and it's been almost a year, but JUNIEblake is happening. We couldn't have done it without the support of this Gila Valley and our facebook fans, You guys got us on our feet from the very beginning with Sorellas. We love you! Thanks!

We are starting small, but stick with us and we can't wait to show you what else we have in store for you.
We will be launching our line the first week of April with more coming soon.

Check out our JUNIEblake facebook page and "LIKE" it. Please "SHARE" on your walls and with your friends, as anyone in the Nation will be able to buy JUNIEblake and we want the word to get out. By liking our page you can know all about our launching of the line, updates on our soon to be website and can also be the first to see sneak peeks of our designs. JUNIEblake facebook will be the best place for all inside info on JUNIEblake and exclusive sales, just for our fans.
JUNIEblake facebook page click here!

Pinch me!


Monday, February 20, 2012

New York, New York!!!

Me, the Sister and the Mom hopped on a red eye flight to New York! It was finally happening. We were going to NYC for fashion business.We are constantly trying to better ourselves in fashion so that we can bring the best fashion and advice to our customers and to better our store!!! We are having technical difficulties with our blog so enjoy these pics through facebook and while you are at it.... become a fan! Can not believe this city! It is amazing. Have fun looking at these..... but trust me, everything was way better in person!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Carpet Time-Golden Globes 2012

 I love awards season. I don't care much for the shows but I love the styles that turnout on the red carpet. I was excited to watch the red carpet live for the 2012 golden globes, but realized I would be at the airport ready to catch a red eye for New York. Bummer Right??? No way....I was going to New York silly! But I couldn't wait to watch it on my DVR when I got home. I told my sister that I wouldn't write a blog about the golden globes because it would be a week later when I would actually have the chance to...but I couldn't help it. I started watching and my mind was going crazy! I have to get my thoughts out. I haven't watched any fashion police or checked blogs yet , these are just some humble opinions from a self proclaimed fashion commentator :-)

I like to start with WORST DRESSED to get it out of the way and move on to the good stuff.

Piper Parabo

I know what your thinking......"Rachel, how rude of you to find such a bad picture of Piper to post. But seriously I searched and there weren't good one to choose from. I watched her on the red carpet and she was everywhere. She was having a hard time posing for the cameras and pulling herself together. Her dress is awkward. The whole night she was trying to figure out where to put her hands and how to walk with her dress. I'm all for a dramatic dress, but if you can't even walk in it whats the point? She is beautiful, this just wasn't a good fit at all. She needed something more form fitting on her petite frame to help elongate her.

Emma Stone
I love this girl. She is a very talented actress. I love her style and I love how she can be bold and pull it off. I however, didn't like this look. It doesn't wow me one bit.  I wish the sleeves could have been different (longer)and the color isn't right. I think a deep blue would look amazing with her hair color and I would switch out the belt.
Here is Emma Stone from last year at the golden globes. She was my favorite from last year.
This is a trendy confident Emma. As much as I do love her red hair, her blond hair was smokin!

Frida Pinto

This girl is so beautiful! Not much can really make her look bad, I just don't think this is flattering, it makes her look bigger than she is. The fabric is too thick and bulky. She needed something lighter with more movement.

Kelly Osborn

Kelly is always trying to stand out and be different. She for sure achieved that. The color of this dress is perfect but the rest is not working. I don't understand why the stars wear dresses that wrinkle. I don't think this dress fits her well and her hair is .....well.......kinda.....crazy. I think it is funny that women everywhere (including myself) dye their hair to get rid of the grey, but Kelly dyes her hair to be grey. Kelly is always trying to push the envelope in fashion but I never get it. Maybe it's just me? She's a beautiful girl, I would love to see her soften her style.

Naya Rivera

I actually love the shape of this dress, high neckline and all. But the color is boring and the seam right down the middle makes bumps in the dress and takes away from the structure. Her hair and makeup are perfect!

Sarah Michele Geller

Beautiful girl.....Wrong dress. I think this print done on a casual flowy maxi dress would be awesome but not for the red carpet. She said in an interview that her 4 year old daughter picked out her dress. Although that is a nice thought........the moral here, don't let your children pick out your clothes for important events. :-)

Diana Argon

I actually could like this dress. I think its bold. I like the skirt and I think the top makes a statement. But the part that ruins it for me is how high the detail on the neckline goes. It changes the dress completely for me. If it were a different shape and a tad lower, I would like this dress.

Zoey Deschanel

I love Zoey. Its hard for me to put her on the worst dress list. I don't hate this dress, I think i just really disliked her hair that night, with the dress. It doesn't look so bad here but on the red carpet it wasn't good. with her hair pulled back I think I would appreciate this dress more.

Best dressed 

Diane Lane
She looks so young and fresh in this dress. Her hair is amazing and the way the dress pulls in at her waist gives her such an hour glass look.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum rocked it. The color is perfection and that pop of turquoise in her jewelry gives it a wow factor.

Heidi made up big time for last year. Here's a picture of her from one year ago.

Last year didn't work in so many ways.

                                                           Jessica Chastain

This girl was amazing in the Help. She turned it out big time for the red carpet. This Dress is elegant, sophisticated and glamorous. Can you see all of the pearl details on her dress. It's fabulous.

                                                                            Julieanne Moore

 Went more basic this year and she looks better than ever. The structure of this dress is amazing. I love the peplum skirt at the hips and then the mermaid at the bottom. Her hair is perfect and the pop of color from her earrings completes the look.

Here is Julieanne from last year. BIG difference!

Maria Munos

I love this dress!!!! I'm not sure how the fashion experts will feel about this dress, but I just love it. I love how bold the color is, I love the sparkle, and the shape and structure is amazing! I'm obsessed with the boat neck and the sleeves. Her makeup and jewelry is very minimal and lets the dress shine.


                                                                     Nicole Richie

I love Nicole Richie. She has amazing style and fashion sense. I'm constantly keeping up with her trends.This dress is like liquid metal. In March she will be on a show with Jessica Simpson called Fashion Star. I can't wait for this.

Octavia Spencer

Whoever dressed her for the golden globes is amazing and I need them to come dress me. She looks great! they were able to conceal problem areas and accentuate the positives. She is beautiful and it goes to show that you can be beautiful at any size.

Sofia Vergara

I love this funny lady. Her personality kills me! I loved her look this year. Her hair is sleek and beautiful and that dress is amazing. The bottom of this dress is so detailed. It has layers and layers of fabric creating waves of texture. I'm not sure this picture does it justice, so just trust me. It's fabulous!

Georgina Chapman

Gorgina is the designer of Marchesa. She is a fashion icon for sure so she really has to look amazing on the red carpet. I love, love, love this dress. Its different, its flowy, its feminine, it's perfect!

A huge color trend for the night was your beige and nude colors.

                                        Best hair of the Night. Reece Witherspoon. It's the disheveled look with out 
                                   looking trashy. It looks effortless but I'm sure it took some time to achieve.

Well there it is.
Who was your favorite?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So this is one of my favorite things of the New Year, believe it or not. I love finding out the color and accompanying colors for the year! This is such a big part of the fashion industry. Styles and trends are often sparked because designers will get inspiration from these colors. For those that are not aware, colors every year are picked by a team from PANTONE. PANTONE is a company that is best known for its PANTONE Matching System. It helps match the right colors with a specific name so universally it is the same. Think about it. If I said I want blue material...... well does that mean light blue, dark blue, teal blue, baby blue, aqua blue, royal blue or Easter egg blue? We all know blues are hard to match. PANTONE provides a way for everyone to match colors with a specific name so there is no confusion universally. Designers use it to pick out colors for their designs and fabric on a daily basis. So you will be seeing the colors of 2012 more and more as designers start incorporating these colors into the fashion industry!

Color of 2012
I love the boldness. The orangey red color is so vibrant!

Here are the accompanying colors that compliment Tangerine Tango. Click here and you can click on each individual color to see how each team member from PANTONE decided to pick these 2012 colors and their inspiration for choosing it.

Check out the runways! 

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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Girl can never have to many clothes......RIGHT?

Do you often feel like your clothes are always on the floor or in the laundry, yet you have tons of clothes hanging in the closet and you still can't find anything to wear? Well as much as I don't want to say it, but you might have too many clothes. I think you would be surprised if you asked yourself these three questions and follow these few tips, at how many items don't belong in your closet!

I am the worst! I have this red shirt that I have had for over two and a half years, and whenver I see it... I think to myself "That would be a great blouse for the hollidays". Yet Christmas comes and goes... and do I ever wear it.... NO! I find something cuter, more trendy or up to date with the styles of the season. Then why do I still have it? Probably the same reason you still have a pair of overalls in your closet from the 90's, "just in case" you need them for a costume party or to go camping or..... something.

These tips will help you determine how to get rid and de-clutter.

1. Does it fit?

          If it doesn't fit.... get rid. We all have goals of loosing weight for the New Year, but sometimes it takes months to get down to the weight we want. You don't want to get into the habbit of saving all of your clothes for "someday" or "just in case". When you actually loose all of your weight you are going to feel like a new you. Treat yourself to a little shopping spree to some pants that fit you great and make you feel good, because loosing weight is hard and you deserve it. :)

2. Is it flattering?

          Yes the clothes might fit, but does it flatter your body. There is no point in keeping a shirt or pair of pants just becuase they fit. If you don't feel completely confident in wearing them in public and in front of people you know, get rid. It always helps to have a second person help you go through your clothes. Like a really close friend or a sister. Someone who can be honest and let you know what does and doesn't look good. My sister literally had to de-clothe my closet for me because I was so attached to all of my clothes.

3. When was the last time you wore it?

         If you haven't worn it in a year.... chances are you will probably never wear it again. Fashions come and go and you will find new outfits and they will over-ride all of your cast offs anyways. Yes, there are certain items that are seasonal like, bathing suits, shorts, tanks for summer or coats and sweaters for the winter. For the warm months of the year, box up all of your sweaters, coats, boots and scarves in a clear tote. Label them and put them on a shelf in your closet; where you can still see them and will have easy access to them. Then do the same when it starts to get cold with all of your summer clothes. This will give you more room and organization for hanging space.

Organization Tips

1. SHOE ORGANIZATION:  If you have a lot of shoes, get a shoe rack or a shoe holder for the back of your door. This way your not always looking for the other match to your shoe.

2. SAME SIZED HANGERS: Getting all the same size hangers will help to keep not only the look of your closet be ogananized, but the flow. All different sized hangers can cause them to easily catch on other shirts and pull them off when trying to access other tops.

3. NO SLIP HANGERS: If you are like me, you can't stand it when your clothes just won't stay on the hanger. I have several shirts with wide necks that continually fall off onto the floor. There are several brands of hangers that are designed to keep a top, no matter the design, on the hanger. However this might be more expensive. A more cost effective way would be to purchase "no slip" strips to add to your already existing hangers.

4. HOOKS: Utilize every inch of space in your closet when organizing. Add hooks for belts, hats, scarves or jewelry to keep clutter from ending up on the floor.
Yes... I know it is hard to part with your clothes sometimes. Try giving them to a friend or relative or donate them to a thrift store so you know someone will get good use out of them. You could always have a yard sale and use the money to buy the equipment you need to organize your closet! Hope this helped!


Friday, December 9, 2011


So I was watching Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" the other day and could not help but think that I wish I had lived in that time period! I want this dress so bad! All of the outfits on this movie are incredible and I look forward to watching it every single year. Love the styles from this era. Everything is elegant, classy and sophisticated. All of the dresses, skirts, chiffon and silk blouses, elaborate coats, hats, fur hand muffs from this movie.... have such  a touch of femininity. I love Betty and Judy Hanes' fashion! : )

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chunky Knit Sweater!

Chunky knit sweaters are becoming a classic! Don't they look so comfy! This look is all about staying cozy on top while keeping the bottom half sparse and sleek. The best part about this look is that you can still look dressed up and put together, while staying super comfy and warm.

Check out Kate Hudson(Left) and Elle Macpherson (Right). They have the big chunky knit on top while pairing it with simple skinny bottoms. This effect gives you that put together feel... rather than looking like you are wearing big baggy clothes and feeling a little frumpy.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sorellas Black Friday Sales!

Check out this Link to see a trailer of our BLACK FRIDAY SALES! 
Friday, 25 November 2011


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Polka Dots? Who doesn't love em? The thing I love about this trend right now..... it's not just your classic small polka dots, it is all sizes! I love how designers have been going big with the size of these dots. Another thing I noticed... often on the runway, you will see various different sizes of polka dots all mixed together. If you are wearing a spot or a dot, you are headed the right way!

I love this chair by the way... I had to post it. Anyways... If you feel like you can't pull off the boldness of wearing a polka dot blouse or dress, you can always incorporate them into your outfit with an accessory.... scarf, headband, tights, shoes, belt etc.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ponchos and Capes are IN!

Yes ponchos and little capes are back this fall. This isn't your typical poncho..... it is a more updated poncho/cape that has a more sophisticated, elegant look to it. It has recently snowed where I am at and I wear mine every chance I get. It is so adorable. You can layer your poncho or cape over a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or with a pencil skirt and some patterned or colored tights. Take a look.
Not only is the cape/poncho style popular in jackets and coats....but in dresses also! I love this look! Remember when Jennifer Lopez wore a cape at the Golden Globe awards? She looked so elegant. Here are some other looks for dresses.
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