Monday, December 26, 2011

A Girl can never have to many clothes......RIGHT?

Do you often feel like your clothes are always on the floor or in the laundry, yet you have tons of clothes hanging in the closet and you still can't find anything to wear? Well as much as I don't want to say it, but you might have too many clothes. I think you would be surprised if you asked yourself these three questions and follow these few tips, at how many items don't belong in your closet!

I am the worst! I have this red shirt that I have had for over two and a half years, and whenver I see it... I think to myself "That would be a great blouse for the hollidays". Yet Christmas comes and goes... and do I ever wear it.... NO! I find something cuter, more trendy or up to date with the styles of the season. Then why do I still have it? Probably the same reason you still have a pair of overalls in your closet from the 90's, "just in case" you need them for a costume party or to go camping or..... something.

These tips will help you determine how to get rid and de-clutter.

1. Does it fit?

          If it doesn't fit.... get rid. We all have goals of loosing weight for the New Year, but sometimes it takes months to get down to the weight we want. You don't want to get into the habbit of saving all of your clothes for "someday" or "just in case". When you actually loose all of your weight you are going to feel like a new you. Treat yourself to a little shopping spree to some pants that fit you great and make you feel good, because loosing weight is hard and you deserve it. :)

2. Is it flattering?

          Yes the clothes might fit, but does it flatter your body. There is no point in keeping a shirt or pair of pants just becuase they fit. If you don't feel completely confident in wearing them in public and in front of people you know, get rid. It always helps to have a second person help you go through your clothes. Like a really close friend or a sister. Someone who can be honest and let you know what does and doesn't look good. My sister literally had to de-clothe my closet for me because I was so attached to all of my clothes.

3. When was the last time you wore it?

         If you haven't worn it in a year.... chances are you will probably never wear it again. Fashions come and go and you will find new outfits and they will over-ride all of your cast offs anyways. Yes, there are certain items that are seasonal like, bathing suits, shorts, tanks for summer or coats and sweaters for the winter. For the warm months of the year, box up all of your sweaters, coats, boots and scarves in a clear tote. Label them and put them on a shelf in your closet; where you can still see them and will have easy access to them. Then do the same when it starts to get cold with all of your summer clothes. This will give you more room and organization for hanging space.

Organization Tips

1. SHOE ORGANIZATION:  If you have a lot of shoes, get a shoe rack or a shoe holder for the back of your door. This way your not always looking for the other match to your shoe.

2. SAME SIZED HANGERS: Getting all the same size hangers will help to keep not only the look of your closet be ogananized, but the flow. All different sized hangers can cause them to easily catch on other shirts and pull them off when trying to access other tops.

3. NO SLIP HANGERS: If you are like me, you can't stand it when your clothes just won't stay on the hanger. I have several shirts with wide necks that continually fall off onto the floor. There are several brands of hangers that are designed to keep a top, no matter the design, on the hanger. However this might be more expensive. A more cost effective way would be to purchase "no slip" strips to add to your already existing hangers.

4. HOOKS: Utilize every inch of space in your closet when organizing. Add hooks for belts, hats, scarves or jewelry to keep clutter from ending up on the floor.
Yes... I know it is hard to part with your clothes sometimes. Try giving them to a friend or relative or donate them to a thrift store so you know someone will get good use out of them. You could always have a yard sale and use the money to buy the equipment you need to organize your closet! Hope this helped!


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