Thursday, February 23, 2012


As I write this I'm kinda freaking out! Is this really happening? I get that everyone has dreams, but how many big dreams actually come true?

Well here is our BIG dream that is actually happening........

We are designing and producing our own clothing line! INTRODUCING.... JUNIEblake

JUNIEblake will be a modest clothing line. We want to fill that void of not having enough choices of clothing that's modest. We want to bring you clothes that you feel comfortable in without sacrificing the latest trends. There is no reason why we can't be modest AND have amazing style too!

JUNIEblake will be sold at Sorellas, but not only Sorellas. JunieBlake will be sold online for anyone in the U.S to order and in the near future, JUNIEblake will also be sold in other boutiques all across the U.S. I still can't get over that our dream is going National. Crazy right?

The JUNIEblake clothing line will mainly consist of modest dresses. We were frustrated with having to wear so many layers in order to make a dress "work". So we decided to design dresses that don't need a tank or cap sleeve to go underneath for a more modest feel. Dresses that won't need a coverup or cardigan to cover the arms. Dresses that give you the length that you want. All of this, without having to sacrifice being trendy and stylish. In addition to the line we will also provide modest skirts and blouses that coincide within these guidelines.

Why the name JUNIEblake? We wanted it to have meaning to us. What could be more meaningful than naming it after our children?! Junie is after my little girl and Blake is the middle name of Emma's little boy. Together it makes our dream come true! Emma says she feels like one of the Ruffians off of Tangled!

I'm sure some of you are wondering what brought us to this point. Well, here it is:

I think for both my sister and I, it started with our wedding dresses. We both had similar experiences. I really wanted to create the perfect dress for me. Trendy and modest. Trendy I could find, but trendy and modest... not so much. At least not something I could even afford. I would have loved to design it and have someone make it, but the budget wasn't there. Then with my pregnancies it was the same thing. Did I really have to wear a big tent just because I was pregnant? I've always wanted to create clothing, but seriously.....who dreams that big?

Then came Sorellas. Sorellas opened the doors in so many ways for us, but we didn't know it at the time. There is a need for modest clothes and we struggled to get them for our store. We tried every available modest line out there and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't succeed in getting them for our store. We would feel so defeated and frustrated when things didn't work out. What we thought were doors closing was really just a way to help us change our minds to think bigger. After a couple times of not getting the lines we needed, my sister Emma would jokingly say "we need to just do our own modest line". We would laugh it off and try again. After a few times of things not working out for us we started thinking..... "why are things happening this way!" Not realizing that very soon our eyes would be opened to a much bigger picture.

Back in May of 2011 is when the last door closed on us. Emma was serious now. She came to Me and my Mom and showed us her research that she had been doing. She started talking and convincing us that we could do it. So finally we listened.

It's been so much hard work and it's been almost a year, but JUNIEblake is happening. We couldn't have done it without the support of this Gila Valley and our facebook fans, You guys got us on our feet from the very beginning with Sorellas. We love you! Thanks!

We are starting small, but stick with us and we can't wait to show you what else we have in store for you.
We will be launching our line the first week of April with more coming soon.

Check out our JUNIEblake facebook page and "LIKE" it. Please "SHARE" on your walls and with your friends, as anyone in the Nation will be able to buy JUNIEblake and we want the word to get out. By liking our page you can know all about our launching of the line, updates on our soon to be website and can also be the first to see sneak peeks of our designs. JUNIEblake facebook will be the best place for all inside info on JUNIEblake and exclusive sales, just for our fans.
JUNIEblake facebook page click here!

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  1. Way to go - pinch :)
    We are so excited for you!
    Kally & Mark

  2. CONGRATS girls! That is too cool! :) Off to share and like!

  3. THIS IS SO EXCITING! Congrats to you Sorellas gals!