Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So this is one of my favorite things of the New Year, believe it or not. I love finding out the color and accompanying colors for the year! This is such a big part of the fashion industry. Styles and trends are often sparked because designers will get inspiration from these colors. For those that are not aware, colors every year are picked by a team from PANTONE. PANTONE is a company that is best known for its PANTONE Matching System. It helps match the right colors with a specific name so universally it is the same. Think about it. If I said I want blue material...... well does that mean light blue, dark blue, teal blue, baby blue, aqua blue, royal blue or Easter egg blue? We all know blues are hard to match. PANTONE provides a way for everyone to match colors with a specific name so there is no confusion universally. Designers use it to pick out colors for their designs and fabric on a daily basis. So you will be seeing the colors of 2012 more and more as designers start incorporating these colors into the fashion industry!

Color of 2012
I love the boldness. The orangey red color is so vibrant!

Here are the accompanying colors that compliment Tangerine Tango. Click here and you can click on each individual color to see how each team member from PANTONE decided to pick these 2012 colors and their inspiration for choosing it.

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  1. Yep, definitely showing your love of BOLD color! ;) I'm loving the tangerine and blue together!