Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SPRING 2011 PHOTOSHOOT by Halversen Photography

They're Here!

     Couple weeks ago we did our Spring Photoshoot. YellowSkinny Photos has done our photo shoots in past. They have been great! However they have just recently moved to Georgia. We give a shout out to them and wish them the best with everything! Thanks.

     For the Spring 2011 photo shoot we decided to go with Halversen Photography! Amber does an awesome job! She is local to Safford, Az and was perfect for the shoot. She had such great ideas and creativity. We went out to Dankworth pond to do the shoot. It was perfect. Wasn’t too hot and the scenery was gorge! Thanks to Amber for doing such an Amazing job and for working with us. She really showcased our clothing and fashion in these photos. We couldn’t be happier. Check out her facebook and become a fan, to see her awesome work.

     And a special thanks to her husband Josh! He was the best assistant ever. He got in the murky pond first to test it out and help the girls in. : )

    Can I just say that our models were seriously the best! They were all so natural around the camera and everything turned out great. What beautiful girls they are! Thanks ladies!


 Take a look! Enjoy.

This is Sally! She is so stinking beautiful. Her eyes are amazing and if you stare at them too long, they might actually peirce your soul.....ok so not really but they are beautiful. She was super easy going and we worked well with her personality. Love this girl!

This is Taylor or "Tay" as we called her doing the whole shoot. Along with being super beautiful she is also a close friend. I have a saying about her......"It's not a party unless Taylor is there".  She is a mommy of two cuties and has some sexy curves on her. All though you might have thought differently, Taylor hasn't had any modeling or training. Say what???? I know.....she is a natural!

This is Gabrielle, or Gabby or Gabbs. She let us call her whatever we felt at the moment. She is just cool like that. I still can't believe what a beauty she is. I envy her gorgeous dark skin and her super thick hair. In fact, I kept commenting on how much I wanted both of them while I was doing hair and makeup. She says she is a Tom Boy....but the pictures speak otherwise.

My mom, sister and I had a great time with this photoshoot. We ran around like crazy people from place to place, touching up makeup and hair. But the whole time laughed like crazy! Thanks to our beautiful models and to our amazing photographers. You guys rocked!

Now I will leave you to enjoy the rest of this ART!

These are our Spring Sorellas Shirts. Love the honeysuckle coral color- it is color of the year!

Swimwear Spring 2011! This was probably the funnest part. After we did the last water pictures we had the girls jump off the dock. We had one shot, just one, to get a good turned out awesome. Thanks girls for jumping into yucky pond water!

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  1. LOVE the pictures - good job on those, the hair, make up and of course the clothes are great! Lucky to have such great models to use (esp sally she is so dang cute)