Monday, January 24, 2011

Bridal Shower Registry at Sorellas!

Ok, so being a small town, sometimes it’s hard to find something to give at a bridal shower ( you can only get so many lotions, baking dishes and spatulas). Everyone’s schedule is busy and we don’t always have the time to make a quick trip to Mesa or Tucson. Well....... Now at Sorellas, brides can register for their bridal shower!!! We are so excited about this. We wanted to provide a way to make it easier for someone who is looking for a gift to be able to find it with ease of mind knowing that the bride herself picked it out. Here at Sorellas we offer lingerie, fragrance, natural soaps, lip balm and hand balm, along with all of our clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses. Who doesn’t want new clothes for their honeymoon?

Brides: this is how it works.

Come into Sorellas and let us know when you’re planning your Bridal Shower. We will provide you with complimentary cards to be placed in your invitations that let your guest know that you are registered at Sorellas Elite Fashion and when to come in!

 Next, come in a week before you have your bridal shower and pick out several items that you wish to have. Anything you pick out will be on hold just for you. Your guest will then be able to purchase any of your items starting one week prior, up until your bridal shower. 

If your guest purchase 5 or more items from your bridal registry, you then have the chance to come in the day after your Bridal  Shower and receive 15% off of any of the rest of your items on your registry.

So there you go! Come register for your Bridal Shower at Sorellas Elite Fashion!


  1. You are so darn creative!!!! What a great idea! Love you, Aunt Deanie

  2. Are you still doing this?? My bridal shower is scheduled for April 30th in Duncan...