Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jessica Simpson Jeanswear

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I love Jessica Simpson (I'm pretty sure I start every blog post with I love.....) I have loved Jessica Simpson since my best friend and I were in High School and we wanted to be her so we could date Nick Lache. She is a talented singer and a total ditsy blonde. Remember her newlywed show!!! She has had her moments in Fashion that I'm sure she would love to take back (haven't we all) but she has blossomed into quite the fashionista. She has impeccable taste and knows how to dress a body. Jessica knows that most women don't have model bodies and can't wear a size 0. She knows that most women are curvy and she is currently a curvy women herself. Jessica is making a name for herself in the fashion world. She was recently a guest judge on the Finale of the most popular fashion show "Project Runway".  Jessica started with an amazing shoe line and has grown with he company from there. She currently does just about everything. Clothes, accessories, jeans, perfume, shoes, jewelry. everything she does I love.It is very much my style.

We are so excited to bring you Jessica Simpson Jeanswear. Her denim is fashion forward and the style that you see on celebrities everywhere. The fit is great and the best part about Jessica's jeans is they are made for girls with booties! These jeans go up to a size 15 and aren't your typical junior sizes. These jeans have done so well this weekend that we had to put in a new order of more denim today! People are loving them and especially loving the jeggings.

These Jeans are designer jeans at more than half the cost. Jessica Simpson Jeanswear run for about $50.

It seems like no matter what magazine you look at, there is something from Jessica Simpson that they are featuring. She is everywhere.

Come in to Sorellas and try a pair of  Jessica Simpson Jeans!

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