Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot 2010!!!

So here it is! We have been so excited for this shoot and it turned out amazing! Fall is my most favorite season, When the scarves, sweaters, and hats come out; Hot apple cider and turning autumn leaves, just as it starts to get chilly. Fall represents not only a change in weather and season, but a feel for the Holidays that are coming up. I am getting excited just thinking about it!

 Check out some of the photos taken at our fall photo shoot by Yellow Skinny Photos. They did a fantastic job capturing not only the beauty of the models but the showcase of the FASHION! Thanks Sarah, Christina and Marcie for being our beautiful models. Everything turned out awesome. We couldn't be happier! : ) 

We had so much fun with it. As you will see some of the pictures taken were near the winding roadside of Mt Graham. Rachel was having to much fun directing traffic. Wether it was necessary or not. Ha ha ha. She kept slowing down the busy traffic and completely stopping cars as they would come around the corner where we were taking pictures. We got lots of honks, waves and even a whoop and a holler. We got a good laugh. To much fun!

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