Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Fashions 2010

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching shows about Fashion!  I love Project Runway, I have to watch the Fashion Police show after every major awards show and I never miss an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel Zoe is a famous stylist for celebrities. She dresses the elite for every event or outing they might have. The shows are full of drama and funny sayings. Their big emergencies are when a client shows up to an event wearing the same  thing as someone else. SAY WHAT? :-) Rachel herself is overly dramatic. She is constantly "having a moment"  when she is trying on something she loves. (I know exactly how she feels) Everything she sees that she loves is either BANANAS!  Or "I'm literally going to die" . Like I said very dramatic, but I watch it for the FASHION and I literally die with some of the amazing items I see. We Just finished our Fall/Winter photoshoot done by Yellow Skinny Photos and I was like a little child, jumping around and getting so excited about our models and the clothes. They looked BANANAS! Every once in a while our photographer would give me a peek on her camera and I would "have a moment"! The pictures will be coming soon and we can't wait to show you. So, without further ado..... Here is Sorellas "Whats in style?" for Fall 2010. Let me remind you to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little, because there are some fabulous styles waiting for you!


You Can't go wrong with the military style. So many options with this look. With the use of a simple pallet of greens, khakis and blacks... this style can have many different looks. Classy, tailored, sophisticated, tough, or vintage.  

  Here is my girl Rachel Zoe!
This is a definite "IT" item. It has an upscale look, but is totally accessible. Faux fur is just as warm and light as the real thing, but it just makes everything in your outfit look a little more luxe. You can easily throw it on with some jeans and it will polish your outfit

Yes.... leather is in. To make it look more feminine and not so biker chick, pair it with a satin or something flowy and add heels. This will create the perfect hard-soft combo.

Everyone loves boots for fall and winter. Ankle booties are huge right now. You can put them with jeans, leggings, dresses or just about anything. Knee high boots are another big trend for Fall 2010. They add a wintery look to any outfit. 


Love them or hate them, they're here to stay.  Leggings add longevity of the legs when worn all the way down to the ankles as shown in the picture of Hillary Duff above. Perfect for a fall outfit. You can just as easily add boots to the outfit.

                                      "BRICKY RED" 

A deep, bricky red is the "IT" color for Fall 2010. Seen everywhere on all the fall fashion runways. 


I want SJP's red floral dress BAD!

The waist is in for fall. Belts will come large, thin, and corseted — a little something for everyone. Belts are perfect for giving you that slimmer waistline, not just for fashion!

The news in jackets this fall? Size is everything. The masculine, oversize boyfriend blazer has returned from the eighties.


I have always been a fan of animal print! But only of animal print done right. Animal print is huge for Fall/Winter. Some suggestions.The popular print we are seeing is leopard print and not so much any other print. Stick with the Leopard. Keep it classy and in low doses, too much is overwhelming.
When making animal print apart of your outfit pair it with blacks, beige and browns even red. Putting it with other bright colors cheapens the look. Stay far away from animal print that comes in colors (like leopard that is pink or blue)
Animal print done right can be super sophisticated and classy, but done wrong can take on a trashy less classy look. 

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