Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Back in June, the sister and I took a trip to L.A. It was by far a very successful trip. Not to mention a total blast!

Us ladies at Sorellas are constantly finding new ways, ideas, clothing and fashion to bring to our store. We are constantly looking and keeping up with everything trendy for all different ages and sizes.  That's the reason for the trip to L.A. We want to make sure that we see the trends and styles that are evolving and bring them mainstream to the Gila Valley.

Here is a little recap of our trip.

Fashions from LA!

Coming to LA was a blast! So many fashions and trends are emerging all the time. We got to enjoy fashion shows, go through many designer show rooms and most importantly people watch. The people here for market week are beautiful. We saw so many shapes and sizes of women working so many styles. People here really know how to dress there body types and styles. 

Many would argue that people in the Gila Valley wouldn't wear trendy clothes because it is 5 years behind, but I disagree. Sometimes living in a small town we do tend to get a little stuck in older styles or our own "small town" style (myself included) and we forget about the real fashion that is going on around us. I think the Gila Valley is ready to take on a more contemporary style and really show what we are about. We are excited about what we have learned here in L. A. and all the clothes we brought back.  

Driving in L.A. was quite fun!

We were mostly work and no play, but we did squeeze an afternoon in there where we got to see sites. Who am I kidding, our work is play! We love it!

Emms posing with our girl Judy Garland's Star.

Us again with Judy. We love the time of the musicals with Doris Day, Judy (we are on a first name basis), Debbie Reynolds and Rosemary Clooney. The movies were so good. Not to mention the fashion was flawless.

At a Fashion Show for new emerging designers. One of my favorite parts of the whole trip. Emma is sporting a small Baby bump in these pictures. If you have seen her lately its not so small anymore!


Believe it or not, Bubble pants, bubble skirts and pleats are all in. I am loving the new looks.

Love these shoes.

Big shirts, very in! Love the leggings.

I want that jacket yesterday!
Love the mustard color!

Now this guy has some style! :)  I think we saw him a few times while we were there.

I kid you not....this was one of the best parts of the trip. Had the most AMAZING bacon wrapped hot dog, with grilled peppers and onions, mustard, mayo and topped with an avacado pico de gallo. These street vendors were everywhere making these. We kept passing them thinking how good they looked, but would never eat from a street vendor because of all the germs. Finally we couldn't take it anymore. We ordered them  and then plopped are bums down on a dirty street corner and tasted heaven. Seriously....so good.  Then we both had heart attacks and died! Just kidding! It was well worth it. Anyone that wants to taste them will have to come over for a ladies night and we will make them for you. There is a special way to toast the buns! :-)

We had so much fun, but most important we took our store to a new level! I'm sure most would agree that our store now compared from when we  first opened has improved.  We are constantly trying to improve so we can bring you the most up to date fashions and great customer service. Thanks for following us and giving your support!

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