Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorellas Elite Fashion Contest

CALLING ALL FASHIONISTASOk ladies, Sorellas wants to see some style.

 When you think of the "Gila Valley Area",  do you think of amazing fashion and style? Maybe not! When I think of  FASHION, first two things that come to my head are N.Y. and L.A. They are the fashion capitals of the U.S. When the sister and I were in L.A. recently, we loved people watching. Everyone that went by we had to discuss the outfit they were wearing. The style there was amazing. Girls in L.A. aren't afraid to wear the latest trends. I loved that about them. They didn't need to see everyone around them wearing the same thing before they caught on, they just ......did it. I loved the confidence they had in themselves and their wardrobe.

Sometimes in a small area like The Gila Valley Area Fashion might get a little confusing. Small town girls don't have as much confidence in the latest styles as city girls. But really it shouldn't matter where you live. I will say that the comment I hear the most about a cute outfit is,  "I love the outfit, but I could never pull it off." This has always been so confusing to me. What makes one girl pull it off and another girl not??? CONFIDENCE! I am always telling girls, to just try it and wear it! Confidence is the key to any outfit.

Even though you don't think of the Gila Valley Area as a fashion capital I know the girls here have some style and Sorellas wants to see it.

To promote the amazing style of the Gila Valley Area we are kicking it off with a contest.

Sorellas wants to see your individual style. I know you're out there because I see you all the time. You come into our store. I see you shopping at Walmart.  I see you at the Friday night football game. You girls are everywhere.

So here it is

****Show off your elite fashion and win!

$150 Sorellas Gift Card – First Prize
$75 Sorellas Gift Card – Second Prize
$30 Sorellas gift Card – Third Prize

Winners will be chosen by our lovely Facebook Fans.

• Come to Sorellas during business hours (10-6pm M-Sat) and have
your picture taken showing, your flair for elite
fashion. 1 – 15 July 2010.
• Pictures of selected entrants will be posted on
Facebook Sorellas Elite Fashion. Have your
friends vote by pressing the “Like” button by your
picture 16 – 22 July 2010 (one week only).
• Your elite fashion does NOT need to include
   Sorellas products.
• Contest for women of Graham and Greenlee Counties

So it all starts on Thursday July 1st! Start getting your  perfect outfit together to show us!

Sorellas Elite Fashion, 410 W Main St, Downtown Safford AZ
(928) 387-2330 Monday – Saturday 10:00AM – 6:00PM

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  1. http://katiejanephotography.blogspot.com/2010/06/sneak-peek-marcie.html If these girls don't have fashion, i don't know who does!