Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gawkey Girls
Hi! Its "the Sister"(as i am referred to).

I was probably gawkiest of all gawks when it came to my earlier years. I was not much into style...in fact I didn't even have a clue. On top of that I was stubborn. Even as a 5yr. old child, when people would buy me cute clothes, I refused to wear them because they had buttons on them. I am not sure what I had against buttons, but I could not stand those ugly little round things. In fact, it went as far as, I didn't even like hugging someone with buttons. I think we can all say that we have been through some similar stage of gawkiness and stubbornness. Some of us have never grown out of it.

My Fabulous, sister who is 4 years older, tried to coach me here and there along the way, trying to convince me that being feminine and girlie was "OK". She would offer her clothes and do my hair. This is something that has become a part of her life. She often is the one helping family members when a shopping trip is involved. "You have to buy some skinny's (skinny jeans), they are so hot!" or "this is so classy, just try it". I am sure that she told me similar phrases as a girl, but I was afraid someone might "notice" my attempt to become feminine or in style. I didn't quite know how to break out of that mold.

I have found in my retail experience that many women today face the same challenge. When I hold up a blouse rather than a tee shirt, they seem to all answer the same...."Oh that's just not me". Now....I understand that every woman has their own style and there own personality and sometimes it just doesn't mix; but we need to get away from being so afraid to try something different. Sometimes all it takes is a coach (like my "fabulous sister"), to help you put together an outfit that will accommodate your body type and your personality. You may see a shirt that looks drab on a hanger, but once it is tried on with the right necklace or the right skirt, it becomes fabulous. It all about how you put it together. Even skinny jeans; you don't have to be a size two or in high school to wear them. Paired with the right blouse and accessories, you can look very classy and sophisticated.

You will find at Sorellas that there will be many different styles that you can choose from and sometimes you just need a little reassurance. We are here to help you realize, just because you have never worn something that maybe isn't in your everyday wardrobe, doesn't mean you can't! You CAN look good in something that is out of your "norm". The best way to get outside that box, or your mental barrier, is to try different things on. I often have to tell people... "just try it on". And most of the time the outcome is that the customer likes it. Never did they think that the blouse that "just wasn't them" hanging on a hanger, could look so amazing on them.

As part of Sorellas, we really want to focus on being your very own "PERSONAL SHOPPER".

If it wasn't for mine...... I still might look like this!


  1. HA HA!!! Emma,that picture is hilarious! I wish I was closer to check out the store. It sounds like it has become the hit. Good luck with everything.

  2. Girls! I had so much fun shopping at your store this weekend while I was in town! I had to come check out the blog and read all about it. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in your business although I don't think you'll need it! Everyone I talked to loves it!