Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Photo Shoot 2010

We are so lucky to have such beautiful local models and great photographers. They made this photo shoot amazing. We are excited and happy to show you a few of the clothes, shoes and accessories that we have in our store.
This is Becky. She is a mother a four....yup, I said four. She was so great and didn't need any coaching at all. Not that I even know what to do in that area, but she was a natural.

 This is Jane, she is a mother of 8. No really I'm not joking, she has 8 kids. She was a beautiful model and took amazing pictures even though I had to beg her to do it. Thanks Jane!

This is Ashley. I don't need to tell you how gorgeous she is. Such natural beauty. She came into the store during renovations last week inquiring about a job. Once she left we realized that we just let her get away and Emma chased her down the block and brought her back for a fitting right then.

All photography was done by- Yellow Skinny Photos and Wick Lewis Photography 

Check them out-
You have to check out this blog. It has such a personal touch to it.

These photos speak for themselves
They do great work!!

Here is the rest of the pictures. Enjoy!







  1. OMGosh!! You guys are fabulous! And those models are smokin hot! Wow! Great job guys!

  2. Oh my gosh! HOW CUTE!!! I love the purses!

  3. K holy freakin hot! I need some new clothes BAD!! And for the last 6 months have wanted a hot pencil skirt and I love the red and black ones!! Now I just need to loose some more weight so I can look like your aunts? I can not wait to come see the store and I know you will never call me again, but when you do we need to plan BFR, I have some PLANS!!!!

  4. RACHIE RACHIE!!!!!! I miss you! I just saw Ben in the break room and he gave me the scoop on your store! Congrats!! I know it will be a Big hit in Thatch and I can't wait to visit it. Just wanted to say hi and that I lurv ya, hope you are well and best of luck with everything! You def are the Queen Fashionista! I miss living with you and wearing all your stylish clothes!!

  5. I know Ashley ... & she looks so grown up & very pretty in these pics. nice choice ..