Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's it mean?

SORELLAS- pronounced so-REL-las

So after people hear our great news of our store opening they always ask very enthusiastically......."Sooooo what are you going to name it?!" So far this has been my favorite part of our plans to tell.

When it comes to naming anything I have always struggled. Not for the lack of good names, I have plenty. But more so making them feel just right. Then of course there has always been someone else in the mix that i have to compromise with. That's the hardest part. Convincing someone that "Lincoln" is the perfect boys name was a HUGE fight that lasted about nine months. Never did win that battle.

It wasn't much different for my sister and I. We thought of a thousand names that we hated, and never could come up with that one that just sunk in. We started to enlist help from others. We even thought of doing a huge family competition to get people brainstorming but decided we wanted it to be a name that meant something to US.

Then my spicy, very driven, Italian best friend sent me a text saying, it just had to be Sorellas. Sorellas means "Sisters" in Italian. I loved it. I mean, how much more meaningful can you get than that. It practically screamed at me. The sister loved it too but still needed to think about it.....or pray about it....or....SOMETHING! It was just too early on for her to make such a huge decision. So we stewed for a few weeks more and came to the conclusion that this was it. All of our thinking was not in vain. We had it. It's rolls off the tongue. THEN....along came my mom who joined us in our store dream and the Sister announced that we needed to change the name to SORELLAS AND MAMITA! Of course she was kidding. My mom loved the name Sorellas and insisted we keep it. So there you go. I hope you love the name Sorellas as much as we do. If you don't, just nod and smile because we don't want to hear about it! :-)

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  1. Awesome Rachel! I love the idea, the name, the clothes, all of it! So excited!