Saturday, March 20, 2010

It all started here

Its official, here it is. Sorellas.

I call it my addiction. It's my weakness in life. I've always loved clothes and fashion. Even when I didn't know much about it and was a gawky 5th and 6th grader. I love it so much that when I wait in line at Wal-mart I can't help but pick up a few smut magazines and browse the pictures to see the celebrity's that week. Who looked fabulous? Who fell short? I follow fashion and love to wear the trends as they just start out. I'm not one of those that has to wait for a trend to become main stream before I wear it. Even if others around me think I look bizarre I tend to not care, because I know that within the next few months they will say "Oh, that's why she wore......."

One of my other passions is cosmetology and is a huge part of the fashion industry. Gorgeous hair makes me smile. So naturally with the whole "hair dream" came the "clothing dream". If you couldn't already tell I'm a dreamer (thanks Grandpa Lewis)! Since being married (5 whole years in you J!) I Dreamed of having a clothing boutique. Some days I thought it was out of my reach and would never happen and other days I was ready to order clothing. It wasn't until I moved to the Gila Valley 2 years ago that I realized that my dream could become a reality. When I moved here there weren't many options for clothes past Wal-mart. I felt like this area needed some great clothing for stylish Teens/Women and this would be the place to start. Since being here for 2 years other boutique type stores have come in and have brought fashion to the Gila Valley in a great way. I was so glad to see them here and bring more options to us women. But I never could get my store out of my head. I would occasionally bring it up to a family member about how cool it would be to have my own store, but would then end my blabbing with......someday.

It wasn't until just 4 months ago that I had a crazy thought of, why not now? Once I challenged myself with the idea there was no turning back. I'm stubborn (thanks Grandpa Mullenaux).

At first I think my family thought I was crazy. Except my husband. The very next day my husband picked me up and insisted we start looking for the perfect location. He knew I could do it and supported it from day one. My Mom was happy but was very cautious about the whole thing, my Dad (I'm a lot like him) seemed to think I could pull off anything. My Sister ( a lot like my mom) thought that it was a nice thought and wanted to do it too, but in like 15 years.
I felt deflated. No one else seemed to be on board. I didn't care. I wanted it and they were going to support me no matter what. I needed us to be a team. A while later I finally convinced my sister to jump in, and then sometime after that my mom dove in as well. Finally I have my team and together we make up Sorellas. We can't sleep at night because all I can think of is Sorellas, We can't drive home without first taking a detour and driving past our soon to be Sorellas home. Whenever my family gets together we can't help but talk "Sorellas Business". It's a name that we can't help but get a huge grin on our face when we hear. It's amazing and so scary all at the same time.

Although our community has some great stores, I felt like there was still room to offer a different style and another approach to clothing. We chose to go a different route than the other stores so we would not compete but compliment them. So in the words of my adorable sister-in-law, our style is called W.W.R.W. or What Would Rachel Wear. She claims that she silently repeats this in her head as she is shopping in the big scary malls.

So there you have it. The start of something fabulous. Just four months ago it was my dream, but now it is our reality!

Stay tuned...We can't wait!

Sister, Adorable sis-in-law, Mom, Me


  1. Can't wait to see it and hope us out of towners can order online from you. I am so proud of you Rache and I know you'll be successful because you are one of the hardest working people who once you make your mind up there is not stopping you, even though I try to debate you sometimes :) love you and good luck

  2. So is this the big secret? I'm intrigued!! I want to know more!! Where is the store going to be? When?

  3. Wow, Rachel! How cool is this?! I read your Dad's letter and had to check out your blog. What an undertaking! I'm so impressed with you and your whole family. I know you'll be successful because you're so driven! I'm excited to hear how things go. Good luck with your opening! Wish we could be there. Hope to see some of your clothes featured on-line to help fashion-clueless people (like me) know W.W.R.W! Congratulations in seeing your dream come true....good for you!

  4. Love it! & Best wishes for great success. You are right, your SIL is adorable & one of my favorite YW EVER!!! Love the name, daughter served her mission in Rome of course they call all the sister missionaries Sorellas. So appropriate for your new "fashion mission." Bring it!

  5. I love the WWRW! Good for you, way to follow your dream! I totally agree with Jessica, can we shop online?

  6. This is so cool! I'm so excited for you and the success you will have. I hope all goes well! LOVE YA