Friday, October 7, 2011

Ladies Night Pictures!!!!!

Our 4th semi-annual Ladies Night was a huge success! Can not believe the turnout. Thanks for all of the support. We love our Sorellas Fans.

Another big thanks to La Casita Cafe, Caboose Frozen Treats, Kainoas Hawaiian Grill, Zero Cardio Club, Priority One Salon, Copper Steer Steakhouse, El Charro, Photos by Meg, Oasis Ice King, Carousel Cleaners, Alicia Ferrin (Arbonne), Emily DeRusha (Eyelash Extensions) and our massage therapists Tara Judd and Falene Fletcher for all of the several gift certificates that were donated for Ladies Night. Thanks for the generosity and for making Ladies Night that much more fun for the Ladies! Thanks again to all of the extra helpers who helped set up and served food.  We couldn't have done it with out you!

Check out the pics!
Our refreshment table displaying all of the goodies to put on top of the soft serve icecream! Yum!
Gina and her girls!

Thanks to all of our vendos who set up booths! Priority One put feathers in peoples hair, Alicia Ferrin represented Arbonne makeup by  giving face makovers, Tara Judd and Falene Fletcher gave free 5 minutes massages and Caboose Frozen Treats presented samples of their nutritious yougurt.

Here Rachel is giving away just one of the forty $10 Gift Cards to Sorellas from our free drawings. Along with all of the Gift Cards from Sorellas and the Donated Gift Cards by the local restaurants and businesses, Sorellas gave away, free merchandise and giveaway fashion bags. The fashion bags were filled with a free Sorellas T-Shirt, coupons to a free class to Zumba, a Gift Certificate to Oasis Ice King, and a pair of earrings.

                                                                       Emma at the computer, checking out customers.

The Fashion Show!
We had about 15 participants in our Fashion Show this year. The winner won a $200 Gift Certificate to Sorellas. It was great! We saw lots of style and fashion from our very own contestants. It was hard to choose the top three. Thanks models for bringing style into the Gila Valley and for participating in our Fashion Show. You guys looked great!  Work it Ladies!

Thanks everyone for attending and supporting locally! It was a ton of fun! For those of you that missed it, we have a Ladies Night every 6 months. Can't wait for the next one! See you there!
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