Thursday, October 20, 2011

LA! Love that fashion district!

Me, the Sister and the Mom (plus our babies), hopped on a plane and flew out to LA! Los Angeles is known for its fashion. In fact Project Runway has used the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising school in LA to film. We passed it every day as we drove to and from our hotel. Kinda cool. Someday we will get to go to the Big Apple. New York is the biggest in the fashion industry and most widely known for it. Next, Milan! Someday...........

We went to LA to bring back some great new vendors for our store! We are constantly updating our knowledge on fashion and educating ourselves so we can bring all of the new trends and styles to you!  Check out our trip! We had lots of fun!

                         On the plane! Mom is peeking over!                                                    The BABES! 

                    Our Hotel                                                                                     View from our room
This hotel was amazing. It had a glass elevator that was situated on the outside of the hotel. Several times we rode from the top floor (level 32) to the Lobby. It was freaky.

Entering Chinatown!
We met our friend at a Chinese Restaurant, called Yang Chow, that she introduced to us. So good. If you ever go there.... order the slippery shrimp.
My fortune cookie says "You have a captivating style all your own". That describes Sorellas to a T.
Us Girls
This place was awesome! Authentic Mexican food. It was just a little taquito stand, but you should have seen the line at lunch time. Totally worth the wait.

It now has become a tradition that every time we go to LA we eat the hotdogs from the street vendors. They are so good. They literally have everything on it. Can you tell we had fun finding yummy places to eat?
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