Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorellas Holiday Makeover

I L-O-V-E Makeovers. I love watching them on t.v. and I love giving them. Sorellas is teaming up with a few local businesses to give one lucky fan a makeover. First, Sorellas will style our fan with a complete outfit. We will dress our fan head to toe with clothes, (shoes, jewelry and even a "lil spa daze" gift too) and we will give them some fashion advise and tips to take home. Then,  Jolee from Silhouette Hairdressing (across the street from Sorellas) will do a cut, color and style. Jolee is super great. She has amazing training from Toni and Guy  in Tucson and worked as the manager in the Toni and Guy salon. She can do a fabulous round brush style like no other. (Us girls know how important a good round brush style is)  :-)  Last... now you need somewhere to go, now that your HOT!.... Kainoas will hook our Fan up with a delicious dinner for two at there yummy Restaurant. I'm in love with......well, everything I've tried so far. Have you been to Kainos Hawaiian Grill???  Whats your problem??? :-) If you haven't become a fan of both Kainoas and Silhouette's FACEBOOK on their link and become a fan, you might just get some good deals.

So here's the deal, anyone can enter our holiday makeover giveaway or you can nominate someone that you think deserves it. The only thing is the person being nominated or the person entering themselves has to be from the Gila Valley Area (we will take surrounding areas as well).

Husbands, do you have a wife that totally rocks and you want to give her something nice? Are you a poor college student that wants a new outfit? Are you a mommy that just had a baby and needs a pick me up? Do you want to look Fabulous for the Holidays? Do you have a best friend that you want to do something nice for? Do you have a mom that needs help getting out of the 80's? :-) Write up a paragraph about yourself or about the person you're nominating, include a picture and send your entries to We will except entries until  Wed, Nov. 17th. After the 17th the fans will then vote and choose the winner. We Love Makeovers! Especially "Holiday Makeovers"!